Google Reader

I am using Google Reader almost exclusively now since I have started to appreciate its link blog feature. And actually I have got used to it faster than I thought. Maybe I should have tested it more in depth the first time.

At first it was confusing marking items read by scrolling past them but I don’t want to miss this feature anymore. It’s really a convenient way reading feeds. Also marking items, well starring like in Gmail, for later reference is great. In Bloglines I am able to keep an item as well, but it always shows up as a new unread item each time I view the feed. If I want to keep several items of a feed it becomes confusing. In Google Reader all starred items are listed in a different view so they don’t mix with the feed.

James Corbett at EirePreneur even thinks Google Reader is destined for becoming much more than a RSS reader. According to him it will be an annotation tool like Clipmarks as well as a social bookmarking service like It is a very interesting and visionary observation by him. Though I don’t think it has the features to compete with the mentioned services yet. Nevertheless I’m curious in which direction Google will push its reader.

I guess Google Reader has replaced Bloglines by now.

Edit: I have forgot to mention that it is slower than Bloglines when loading feeds, though. At least it seems so. But that’s not really an issue to me.