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Maybe some of you have noticed the ShareThis link after each blog post. It is a WordPress plugin by Alex King I have installed yesterday. It provides easy access to several bookmarking services.

However I am still not sure if a plugin like Share This is useful or not. Will readers make use of it? Is it even bothering readers?

There have been several discussions on sharing options and plugins in the German blogosphere. The consensus has been that most readers will use the bookmarklet of their favourite bookmarking service anyway and won’t click an icon on a blog. Also most people thought that long lists of social bookmarking icons which are often used were looking ugly and annoying.

Though the majority of my readers are from the United States and providing sharing options seems to be more common there. I have been looking for a preferably unobtrusive solution and I think Alex King’s plugin best suits the purpose. The best solution seems to be the one of the New York Times website, though. But I am lacking some skills, I guess. 😀

If anyone feels annoyed by the plugin leave a comment, please. I will consider removing it then.

4 thoughts on “Share This Plugin”

  1. I think a small share this button is acceptable. You are right by saying that long social bookmark lists are ugly and annoying.

    If you want to seperate yourself from the crowd, you could think about changing the name “share this” into something else though.

  2. No, I won’t change Share This for something else. It’s Alex King’s plugin and people should know that it is his work.

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