Some OpenID and Microformats News

Over the last couple of days there have been some really good blog postings on both OpenID and microformats. Also some cool and fun projects have been announced. Those who read the feed of this blog have probably seen some of them in the Ma.gnolia links, others are shared on my Google Link Blog. Though I think they are worth mentioning here as well.

First there is the OpenID Directory launched by Thomas Huhn and Solution Media. As you can guess it is an ever growing directory of all blogs, wikis, OpenID providers, and online tools that are OpenID enabled. Hey, you can even vote on entries. Very comprehensive and much appreciated.

Sam Sethi dreams of an address book based on hCards, Adress Book 2.0. I think that’s a great concept and there are even services that provide at least the basics of what Sam envisages (see his blog post). However Wikidentity doesn’t work for me as it is supposed to. The Firefox extension won’t indicate hCards and the bookmarklet won’t allow submitting them to Wikidentity. But I am probably just thick.

Today Simon Willison – do yourself a favor and read his blog – linked to some great tutorials on microformats by Roger Costello. The tutorials are slides covering various microformats. Impressive and educational.

If you are already a microformats master you won’t need the tutorials anymore but maybe a cheat sheet won’t be a bad idea. Here is a great one, PDF of course.

Yesterday JanRain, the company running Jyte and, has announced a partnership with GNR and launched Now users can get their own .name domain as well as an OpenID.

I have made this blog an OpenID so I can sign in to any OpenID enabled site with the simple URL. Everyone can do this. Just sign up with any OpenID provider like or and add some HTML to the Head section of your blog or website. For more info how to implement this have a look at the ClaimID blog for example.

OpenID and microformats are becoming more and more popular it seems. Really good to see. 🙂

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  1. Hm, you have a point there, I guess. So people have to ponder if they are happy to have just a subdomain. If they are not they should consider your solution. Or a similar one.

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