Automatically log in to Websites

PassPackJust two weeks after password manager PassPack launched beta 4 there is another great update in the works. It is a bookmarklet, called Smart Button, which automatically logs users in to the website they desire.

Although passwords are securely stored in PassPack users had to look up the password, jot it down on a piece of paper or copy and paste it into the login form. Not a very convenient way. That process is automated now. There is a screencast available; here are some screenshots from it:

Say you want to log in to your blog, look it up in PassPack and press the Go there button.

Go there button

You will see the WordPress login screen; just press the Smart Button bookmarklet.

Smart button

Voila, logged in to WordPress. 🙂


Hopefully this feature will be available soon. Read more on the PassPack blog.

4 thoughts on “Automatically log in to Websites”

  1. Hello.
    I just wanted to let you know, that while we’re still working on finishing the Smart Button, we have released another new feature in the meantime: Disposable Logins.

    The Smart Button, coupled with Disposable Logins, will offer a great deal of protection when using PassPack from a public computer (like an internet point).

    Now – if we can just get that Smart Button out of testing! 🙂

    Thanks and cheers to all,

  2. Tara, I have just read your blog post about Disposable Logins. Looks good. 🙂


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