Subscription Overkill

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This caught my attention on Twitter last night. It’s very similar to the number of feeds I am subscribed to: 293. I need a better way to manage my feeds, especially cutting down the number to 50 subscriptions without missing too much relevant information.

Anyone with a great idea?

P.S. Sorry for using your message as a peg, Marcel. 😉

7 thoughts on “Subscription Overkill”

  1. I gonna sue you, you bastard! hehehe

    I actually don’t think the amount of feeds is that much of a problem though (I have that much because besides quite a few techblogs I read also tv/movieblogs and a signifikant amount of music/musicbizblogs). Yeah, I was surprised that it were that much already. But, you know, I still subscribe to more feeds as we speak. I sure gonna surpass the 300 mark this week or the next.
    Anyway, I think it’s mainly about finding a good way to manage your feeds. I like the netvibes-style for a quikc overview. I’ll gonna use additionally a riverlike reader like greader for feeds I’d rate as secondary but I go through for my blog. yeah, using more than one reader might help.
    Also, you can subscribe but you don’t have to read them all. Some time ago I came to conclusion that I don’t care if I read everything or not. Like a daily newspaper there you don’t read every article as well. Sometimes I have more than 400 unread articles on one tab in netvibes and I just click ‘mark everything read’. That simple. 🙂

    Last not least aggregators like techmeme and the like help as well. One can actually unsubscribe to quite a lot of the english high profile techblogs because their most interesting topics appear on techmeme, tailrank etc. anyway. another good thing about these sites: they don’t show you the amount of unread articles… 😉

    Oh and yeah I unsubscribe to feeds from time to time as well.

    Nice new header you have here btw. I love my moleskine. Couldn’t live without one anymore.

  2. I hardly read many articles; usually just the headlines but I am still spending 90 minutes or more until Google Reader isn’t displaying any unread items anymore. Aggregators are great and actually I think that I will unsubscribe from most of the US tech blogs and just subscribe to the Techmeme feed.

    Oh, you have noticed the new header. 🙂 It shows two of my Moleskines: one large ruled notebook and one pocket size ruled notebook. They are great: I have one at work, one in my bag, and those two ones at home.

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