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Some news remain rather unnoticed sometimes although they could be relevant on a larger scale. Dmitry Shechtman of had a closer look at MyBlogLog’s announcement of Twitter support and discovered that MyBlogLog is about to support OpenID which was confirmed by MyBlogLog’s community manager Robyn Tippins.

Users can already add their OpenID to their profile page (see screenshot below), though they can’t use it yet. Of course, it is a good idea to add support for OpenID because MyBlogLog seems to be heading for an online identity provider; support for Twitter is an indication, I think. However this moves makes me wonder what Yahoo’s stance on sign-on and registration really is (MyBlogLog was acquired by Yahoo in January).

There has been a massive brouhaha about Flickr’s (another Yahoo property) announcement to require Yahoo user names in January. Something similar has happened just a few weeks ago when turned to; a Yahoo ID is required there as well. So on one hand Yahoo is pushing its own Single Sign-On system, on the other hand MyBlogLog is about to support OpenID.

Is Yahoo just experimenting with OpenID or is this another strange strategy no one really understands? By the way, Yahoo ID’s can be used as OpenID’s already. Check out Simon Willison’s

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6 thoughts on “MyBlogLog about to support OpenID”

  1. this indeed makes no sense then considering yahoos horrible loginstrategy. making everyone use yahoo ids to get it all centralized and after that open it up again for openids? let’s talk about coherence, huh.

    btw. your site’s still really slow. maybe it’s own of the widgets?

  2. It’s faster than last night; that freaked me. The widgets are probably not responsible as I have the same problem with my email addresses.
    The hosting company ran some maintenance. Hopefully speed will improve.

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