PassPack Thinking about OpenID Implementation

passpack Tara Kelly has been asking Can OpenID Replace a Password Manager? on the PassPack blog yesterday.

Of course, it can’t; two solutions for two very different problems. OpenID is targeting authentication while a password manager like PassPack is trying to make storage of passwords as secure as possible. However the PassPack folks are thinking about implementing OpenID for signing in to PassPack.

If you are already using PassPack and would like to see it supporting OpenID leave a comment on their blog. PassPack has some strong security features like SSL connections, AES encryption, and also anti-phishing solutions already, so signing in with an OpenID will be very secure.

For more information on PassPack see previous coverage on this blog.

8 thoughts on “PassPack Thinking about OpenID Implementation”

  1. User authentication and storage/retrieval of passwords are different problems only from an implementer’s perspective. From a user’s perspective, they are the same. Users want to protect the use of their identities and their private information from intruders with a minimum of hassle. OpenID can potentially reduce the overhead for a user, but only if/when it is widely accepted and implemented. A product like PassPack can bridge the gap.

    PassPack claims to be interested in storing more than your passwords, which would, in fact, address another problem. “Privacy management” is the name it gives this concept. Interestingly, and uniquely to my knowledge, PassPack’s license prohibits you from storing financial information (e.g., credit card numbers) or anything else that would cause you serious harm if it were lost or exposed. So, it seems to me that the privacy management piece is somewhat empty.

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