Sound of a City

Have you heard about the English city of Sheffield? What are you associating with it? Coal mining and steel factories? Bomb raids during World War II? All true but ever heard about Factory Records and Warp Records?

If you’re interested only a little bit in modern music, you know those labels. Both labels were based in Sheffield (though, Factory is defunct and Warp has moved to London) and have been major strongholds of the post punk, new wave, synth pop, and techno genres, influencing music worldwide. Artists associated with those labels are Human League, Autechre, ABC, Cabaret Voltaire, Black Dog,… Many being from Sheffield as well.

Damon Fairclough of Noise Heat Power has compiled an intriguing mix of some of the best music originating from Sheffield. The 70 minutes long mix isn’t consisting just of Factory and Warp bands, though; other bands like Pulp are thrown in for good measure making it a very enjoyable trip down memory lane.

It is highly recommended to everyone who wants to be reminded of great music. And if you like the mix go and buy some of the albums and 12″.

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