Microsoft Introduces Contacts API

In February Microsoft made an announcement that it was striving for more openness in its products and was even promoting data portability. Well, some people didn’t buy into this announcement, thinking Microsoft was just appeasing EU regulators.

Today Microsoft announced that it was co-operating with social networks LinkedIn, Facebook, Hi5, Tagged, and Bebo. Users of those networks will be able to import their Windows Messenger address books to the respective networks, while their address books on those networks can also be exported to Microsoft’s new site Export and import of address books will be enabled by Microsoft’s Windows Live Contacts API.

This announcement has to be applauded for two reasons:

  • Microsoft starts to play nice and opens up.
  • Facebook opens up as well.

Of course, it was great if a more open protocol like OAuth was used, but the announcement might encourage more social networks and other corporations to pursue similar steps.

[via The Social]

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