An ID Selector, Images, and the BBC

News on OpenID come in daily this week, it seems. OK, it’s only Tuesday and maybe there won’t be any OpenID related news for the rest of the week anymore. So here’s a roundup of the last two days.

ID Selector

JanRain has launched a new tool for relying parties called ID Selector. It’s a widget that is being added to existing login forms. Relying parties can populate it with OpenID providers of their choice. If users click ID Selector they only have to choose their provider and type in the username part of their OpenID; they don’t have to remember the complete URL. The widget remembers the provider even across different relying parties. JanRain also makes sure that only those providers are visible to users which support the OpenID standard the relying party also supports.

ID Selector is a great improvement in terms of usability. While some people have raised security questions (see the discussion on the OpenID mailing list), this is a great step in the right direction to attract more users and maybe even help websites becoming relying parties.

Here’s a screenshot of ClaimID’s implementation of ID Selector:

id selector

ConfIdent RecognitionAUTH

ConfIdent Technologies has made its RecognitionAUTH system available to OpenID providers. RecognitionAUTH provides a grid of images of different categories. Users simply choose a few categories and remember them (refer to the example below). People familiar with OpenID providers will know this system already: it is the one myVidoop uses which is no surprise at all as ConfIdent Technologies is a company founded by Vidoop employees. Currently ClaimID, Clickpass, and ooTao feature this system as well. It provides more security than the usual password for login at providers because it adds a second factor for authentication.


BBC Joins OpenID Foundation

The BBC has joined the OpenID Foundation today. It won’t offer OpenID logins soon, though, but it will have a closer look at the technology.

However, at this stage […] this doesn’t mean that we are going to immediately be offering OpenIDs on or even promising to do so.

The blog post announcing this also makes references towards OAuth, APML, and RDF. So hopefully there will be some more announcements by the BBC in the not so distant future.


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