by Zay_Kureshi

A few months have passed since I announced the end of this blog – well, a little bit prematurely as I have to admit now. Back in summer I was just sick of blogging, especially tech blogging, but I never really stopped reading blogs and tried to keep myself informed as much as I could without wasting too much time. The virus is still there, I guess. 😉

So, what will change with this relaunch? I will focus more on everything “open” – OpenID, of course, the open web, the so called Open Stack, and everything else related to it. I wrote about those topics before and currently there is quite a lot happening in this realm, so it is probably consistent to write about it.
Music, football, and other off-topic stuff won’t get mentioned here anymore. Some people might regret this decision but I think it should be clear to readers what the blog is about. I have seen this blog being linked as a source for netaudio reviews. That is certainly misleading, even if I reviewed releases in the past but it wasn’t really a focus.

I would be very happy if some of the old regular readers were still around. It would be great to read some comments from familiar names. Nostalgia, you know. Though I don’t mind new readers as well. So, let’s see how this blog will shape but please, don’t expect a new post each day. I don’t want to put too much pressure onto myself. Also there are still some glitches with the new theme but hopefully I will be able to fix them rather soon.

Oh, I almost forgot: Happy New Year to all of you!

24 thoughts on “Back”

  1. Nice to see that you re-start your activities. Personnally I will take your active return to the blogging scene as a first positive impression from the new year 2009. Yes, I know that your post is dated in the old year but sometimes we have to be generous with those details. To make a long story short: Welcome back Carsten :)) ..

  2. Indeed, only familiar names here. 🙂

    @Markus Sowada: I was thinking about scheduling the post for Jan 1 but then decided it was stupid. It was ready to publish, so I hit that magic button. 🙂

    @Frank: I know, you have an OpenID so use it. In that case your comment were not held for moderation. 😉

  3. Ich werde den NotSoRelevant Feed aber weiterhin abonniert lassen… die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt 🙂

    Als hätte ich es gewusst 😉

    Schön dass du dich doch noch umentschieden hast! Freue mich auf deine Artikel hier und auf!

  4. Welcome Back!!!

    Hoffe mein Server verkraftet das auch wieder.

    Notfalls ziehen wir deine Domain auf den neuen um, der hat mehr Power.


  5. Alles eine Frage von lausig programmierten WordPress Plugins und php fcgi Fehlern. Dann geht das fix.

    Bin ich froh wenn PHP irgendwann mal nicht mehr verwendet wird. 🙂

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